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Song Title--Never Can Say Goodbye--
This is one of the songs I made into MIDI format. If you would like to hear more
click on the link at the bottom, to THE CORNER LOUNGE, thanks!

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How do you find a needle in the haystack? No needle here, but there is HTML Help and for the Romantic Romance Links and some Music to warm you or make you dance!

Is there a better way to build a new Web-site(s) than to have your HTML needs right at your own finger tips? Here it is! All that you need to do for your Home-page is to look no further, this is the place for you! Bookmark it and tell your friends! Welcome aboard.
While you are here why don't you look around at some of the other things that are available.

I always try to make your visits to any of my sites enjoyable, entertaining, colorful, easy to use to entice your revisits to my web-sites.

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[CHAT Room][DISCO Room][GAME Center]

My Short List of Links

Simply Love
Over 630 Midi songs--only music with love in the title
Jack's House
My First Home page, loaded with animation, songs, and fun!!
Tear Jerker's Heaven
Music for your listening pleasure! Nothing but soft, easy listening, romantic MIDI's, 290 and growing fast!!
Want (.wav) sounds, this is the place!!! Need NetShow Player to hear! Thousands of .wav sounds!
Greeting Cards
Animated Greeting cards of all kinds,,,the best by far! A Must see and use!!!!
50MB Free Home page space, home-page editor, easy file transfer!
A free internet communicator. Keep in-touch any where online! My ICQ: 645706
Jack's Little Corner
Another free home page provider. Just love them free sites!!!
Jack's Party Shack
I just keep finding new free Home Page providers. Here is another one!
Jack's Midi Originals
Listing of all my original midi songs. Listed alphabetical with song style and size of file.
The Corner Lounge
This is the site I place all songs in midi form I make of published songs. Over 650 GOOD LISTENING Songs!!!

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