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HTML Instructions/Helper guides

HTML Creat-It-101
Teach's you the basics from square one, an Outstanding program, great for beginners to expert!
HTML Helper Guide
Another great teaching page, learn all you want here!
How Do They Do That With HTML
Answers for the novice or expert, a great source!
HTML Haven
HTML Help from A to Z, great site!
HTML Stuff
HTML Help on Border Backgrounds/Embeded MIDI's/Java Script-The Scrolling Ticker....You'll enjoy the visit!

Font Color Chart/Hex Color Chart

216 Color Chart
Pick your colors with the basic color chart!
Hex Color Guide
Another color chart guide, pick your text, font, link colors!


The Graphic Station
Great Images, backgrounds, and graphics...Check them out!
Larry's Graphics World
Images, backgrounds, graphics,, has it all!
Andy's Art Attack
Outstanding images, 3-D effects,graphics, buttons, and HTML help also! An award winning site!!
Oscars Backgrounds & Textures
Excellent List of backgrounds, take a look, uses real photographs!
Design"s By Rick
Wonderful backgrounds, holiday theme's also,, Will work to make background fit into your page!
Syruss's Imaging
Backgrounds, Great 3-D imaging! Will create 3-D Logo's!
Texture Land
Backgrounds--Looking for the Unusual or unique, this is the place!
Misty's Magical Designs
Excellent List of backgrounds, the name says it all!
Cool Graphics on the Web
List too long to mention, has it all!
Ball Boutique
Balls, Alphabets, backgrounds and more!
Graphic's by Foxy
Backgrounds, and the greatest list of Java Lake effect pictures. A MUST see!!!
Web Grafx
IMAGES, IMAGES, and more IMAGES, all for FREE !!!
A Touch Of Magick
Backgrounds, button, bars and more! Offers web award for good sites!!
Cyber Coloring Book
Great Clip Art, and you can select item that you can color. Great Site!!

Animated Gif's
Roses Animated Gif"s SSAnimation's
Psyched Up Graphics Geeks Animations
Animated Gif's ANI Gif's
GIF ANIMATIONS Deedee's Animations
100 Best Anigif's Martha's Dragons

HTML Trouble Shooter/Fixer's

Doctor HTML
Have code errors, something not working? This is a great place to check your HTML code. Even will spell check!

HTML Editors/Programs

Click on the local site near you,,,select your operating system.
The list is an endless source of HTML editors, programs, and tools for your HTML needs!!

If you want some HTML Help/advice, email me, I know the basic's and a few other tricks!
Plus some information on Java Scripts and Applets! I can make you
3D Titles, banners, headers, or some pretty nice Java Headline Banners.
I also have access to just about any image you are looking
for. So give me a jingle or just email and say Hi liked your page!

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