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Hello and welcome to my page for Romance Help....Below you will find nice links to things that wll help the cause of romance!! Flowers, Cards, Gifts, Vacations, Meeting Places, Things to keep in-touch.....and quess what?? They are FREE

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Links to other sites of the Web

*** Find Links to Chat area's Here!! Find Links to Florists here!! Finds Links to Greeting Cards here!! Find Links to Postcards here!! Find Links to Virtual Vacations and Virtual Gifts here!! Find Links to Colour Files for Yahoo here!! Find link to Shockwave here!! Further down there are Links to Golf and Fun areas!! Try them all.***

Yahoo Chat!! Find Friends and Lovers!!!*****GET COLOUR FILEHERE*****
ICQ...A must for the serious romantic...Always keep in touch with your love on the internet!!
ICHAT Pager, keeps you intouch. Never be apart from friends or lovers!!
PowWow, another chat area for lovers! Has live voice too!!
Electronic cards at their best...One for every occasion..Music is included!!
Flower, verse, and music all in one...If this dosen't work you're in trouble!!
Just Pretty flowers for any occasion. Make someone's day!!
Send your love a vacation!! Maybe you can join the fun...
Be creataive, send them a present they will never forget!!
Lot of nice greeting cards here,,,try them out!


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